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Tax Debt Services and Tax Issues Clifton New Jersey

Tax Debt Services Near Me Clifton NJ US Precision Accounting

IRS tax problems can happen, but tax debt is among the most stressful issues that a business owner can face.  
Precision Accounting Intl can help to resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax problems, tax disputes and IRS back taxes.

We are experienced in providing effective tax solutions and representation for reducing tax debt, negotiating IRS payments and removing tax disputes.

What you are facing with IRS 

Are you experiencing tax issues with Payroll?
Has it been a while since you last filed your business tax returns?
Do currently owe the IRS in back taxes?
Has the IRS placed a tax lien on your home?
Did you receive a correspondence from the IRS regarding an audit notice?
Has the IRS alerted you regarding a potential seize of your assets and bank accounts?
Is your personal property at risk of being levied by the IRS?

Here’s how we can help:

  • You can file your tax return electronically, so you can get a refund faster.
  • Our staff will show you how to change the withholding of your payroll to get more money back each week.
  • Our computer software can check and recheck your tax return to find possible issues that the IRS will look at more closely and analyze the math to restrict IRS contacts.
  • To limit your tax liability for next year, we will show you possible deductions.

    In addition, to reduce the next year's tax liability, we will provide you with a sheet of frequently missed deductions.
  • For the year, we will plan your bookkeeping, prepare a comprehensive Schedule, as well as your personal income tax return.
  • We will then assist you in setting up a simple system that will help you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year.