Part-Time CFO Services

What Are The Benefits of CFO Services ?

Part-Time CFO Services Precision Accounting intl

Growing companies often reach a point where competent financial advice is required, but they cannot afford a full-time CFO or controller.

Precision Accounting Intl have the perfect solution for you, if you're ready enough to be in this role.
Our Part-Time CFO Service Package provides you with a knowledgeable financial manager who will work with you to help guide the progress of your business.
our Part-Time CFO Service Package provides you with experienced support.

With our Part-Time CFO Service Kit, here is what you get:

• More time to work on new services, new clients, and other main business problems.
• A specialist who establishes in your organization strict financial controls to minimize bribery of employees and raise profits.
• Training the accounting staff and management.
• Enhanced financial report accuracy and timeliness.
• Preparation and control of the budget.
• Analysing profitability by operation or product line.
• Strategies for tax saving.
• Analysing patterns.
• Assistance in securing bank funding, including negotiation assistance.
• Review/negotiation of plans on insurance.
• Creation of accounting procedure manuals for the company.
• Review of acquisitions of vehicles, expansions, etc.
• Assistance for Mergers and Acquisitions.
• Policies and procedures for custom made collection.