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If you are a business owner or even just a freelancer, you must be familiar with the QuickBooks software as it a pretty popular software accounting program that helps a lot with all the accounting steps, it saves time and effort as well, keeps the business transactions shorter and smarter.

What is QuickBooks:

QuickBooks is an advanced software program that is been designed to give access for the business owner or anyone else to do their accounting, financial statements easily and quickly.

It contains many solutions that help anyone to implement the work effortlessly.

The history:

California-based Intuit launched the QuickBooks for the first time in 1998 after the personal accounting package (Quicken).

The aim of Intuit was to give the small business owner unlimited flexibility to perform all their accounting and business transactions.

QuickBooks functions:

  1. perceive the employee hours and give the payroll:
    Paying payroll on time one of the most essential things you need to do to keep the staff and employees encourage and loyal,
    because when you are interested in giving them their money, they will give the best effort and creativity as well.

  2. Financial Statements printing:
    Wondering how is your work performing?
    need more specific, accurate information about your workWant to create the reports of your outflow, inflow stimulates?
    QuickBooks offers you all the high-level features that you need to run your work smoothly and print all the financial statements also.

  3. Bills and Expenses:
    Your bills and expenses will be automatically uploaded once you receive them, you can add cash and check transactions, create reports, categorizations manually as well.
  4. Catch the inventory:
    It’s known that the perfect, accurate steps of the work can save time and money, effort as well,QuickBooks gives you the best and accurate design for that purpose especially, for the inventory system, because QuickBooks automatically calculates all the inventory activities and gives you a specific report.
  5. Control taxes:
    Tax is the most important thing that business owners always think about during their work period, and to make the tax time such a breeze, you need to prepare all the statements and transactions to be ready on time.
  6. Online Payments:
    As it obvious Nowadays that everything goes through the online track andof course, you need to cope up with the digital world as well.online payment is considered the way to improve your cash flow since you comfort your customers to pay the invoices online through QuickBooks.
  7. Receipts scanning:
    Do you get lost with the massive number of receipts that you receive?  For sure, you need something has been designed to arrange, organize, and store all those receipts, QuickBooks allows you to upload an unlimited number of respites.
  8. Grasp the mileage:
    If you are traveling a lot due to work situation and you use your own car for the business purpose, so you should be heard about calculating the mileage one of QuickBooks function.
  9. Invoices:
    Once you own your business, you definitely get a lot of customers and maybe you were wondering how you can run and manage all those customer processes.
    We have come with a simple answer (QuickBooks), this program provides you many worthy features to track your income, what each customer owes you, outstanding invoices, the receivable automatically then you can print or email all those invoices for your clients.

By coming to the end of our article, we highly recommended to know more about QuickBooks and to check how our team can help you  run your business productively through this advanced software program.


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